118 – Special Guest Vinny Lobue, Bankruptcy, Espinosa Habano no5 and 4 Roses Small Batch

Vinny LoBue joins us as we enjoy some Four Roses Small Batch and the Espinosa Habano No5.

Vinny is a returning guest to our show and is a lawyer practicing bankruptcy law.  He is here to talk to us about helping people, what he has learned about running a small business, and to give us more information about bankruptcy and the law.

Doing these types of shows is always rewarding since we get to help people.  Being strained with finances would be stressful on anyone. The initial consultation is free, so if you feel like you are a bit below water money-wise, then contact Vinny.  It never hurts to have more information or to be sure.

Vinny was on Episode 25 where he talked about the Bankruptcy Sweat Box, the process of bankruptcy, why he got into helping people.

Be sure to check out his website (https://www.thelobuelaw.com/) or give him a call at (972) 694-6400.  As mentioned before, the initial consultation is free and he will help you determine if bankruptcy is right for your situation or if something else might work.

Four Roses Small Batch and the Espinosa Habano No5.

Vinny is a regular cigar smoker and has the Espinosa No 5 with us and we enjoy the 4 Roses Small Batch with it.